Capital Valley counsellor team will provide you guidance on choosing the best academic program or courses to study in Australia that aligns with your best interest and future goals. First, please make an appointment and one of our friendly staff will be in contact with you. We will organize a personalized meeting or video conference for an expert study advice and examine anything you need to be familiar with studying in Australia.


Capital Valley counsellors will guide you on obtaining letter of offer (Conditional/unconditional) as one of the admission processes. Our team will help the students gathered suggested documents such as passport, ID, IELTS score and etc., to fulfil the admission requirements in the chosen universities. Our team will ensure that effective and customized services are maintained in handling this process. Our team will also provide support for students on obtaining Confirmations of enrolment (COE) as part of admission process. Required documents such as letter of offer, paid tuition fees and health care should be provided to get this document. Therefore, our team will assist the students on this regard as well.


Studying in Australia or overseas requires students to arrange funds to support their medical treatment while staying in Australia and it is a mandatory to have health insurance for students. Department of home affairs (DHA) requires international students to have Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) during their entire study in Australia. Therefore, after getting the offer letter, our team will help students on the application procedure and make them understand the policies and conditions of student health insurance packages. In addition, fees and charges will be explained to students accordingly based on their preferred provider and their financial capabilities.


Capital Valley also guides students on the application process for international students Visa in Australia both online and offline. Our team will ensure that any necessary documents and other requirements are fulfilled. Our team will provide unconditional support to students on their journey to get their Visa application approved. We will help to submit the documents electronically and book medical appointments as the prerequisite for international student’s visa approval. Therefore, we will pay close attention and up to date with the current international student’s visa application. Below are some of the documents required for Visa grant;

• Visa application fee
• A valid passport
• Proof of course enrolment (COE)
• Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
•SOP (Statement of purpose)
• Academic and work related documents
• English proficiency certificates (IELTS, TOEFL test scores)
• Evidence of financial cover (tuition fees, living expenses, expenses for dependents, return airfare)
• Overseas Student Health Cover
• Passport-size photographs


We initiate this program to orient our students with regards to language, cultures, do’s and don’ts in the destination country. We will conduct brief presentations or events for our students and provide them with practical information as part of their preparations for an abroad experience. This program will help new outgoing students gain valuable information about their universities, migration rules, and cultural integration in the host country.


Our team will also provide airport pick up for our students. If the proposed universities have these services available, we will then contact them to arrange for our students. The services will be very helpful as the students will be picked up directly from the airport and drop them to their accommodation.


Capital Valley Consultancy team will also guide students in making Australian bank account. We will provide students with the information of different banks in Australia and let them choose their preferred bank. After that, we will ask them to fill out the online form. We will then ask students to provide relevant documents such as passport, valid visa, nominated Australian address and letter of offer or confirmation of enrolment. After all these relevant documents are gathered and sent out to the proposed bank, we will review and follow up whether it has been approved or not. If its approved, we will inform the students accordingly and advise them on making online account through the bank application.


Capital Valley aims at providing consistent support for our students throughout their study in Australia. Our team will be available to assist the students if they have any questions regarding courses, accommodations and personal matters while staying abroad. We hope to give our students a comprehensive, reliable, confidential advice that enables them to accomplish their academic goals. Our team can be reached through social media for ongoing communication. We will also plan to evaluate on our students’ academic progress every semester. Hence, our company can have full support to the university adjustments of our students.